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BA Hons (UP) MA Psych (RAU)
THED (PRET)Cert Child Law (UP)
Accredited Family and Divorce Mediator
(Trained USA & Canada)
& Civil and Commercial Mediator
(ADR Group, London)


Anne-Marie is a practising Psychologist, registered in two categories of Psychology, i.e. Counselling and Educational Psychology. She chose these fields as her first area of choice in working with children. She therefore furthered her studies at the University of the Free State in Child and Forensic Psychology and related areas. She completed the first two years of the Ph.D degree but due to health reasons at the time, and working on the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, she could not complete her thesis.


Anne-Marie obtained permission from the Medical & Dental Council, now known as the HPCSA to start a Group Practice, the first of its kind. This was situated in Roodepoort. On board was a Psychiatrist, a Pediatrician, Counselling, Educational and Clinical Psychologists, a Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist.


Space was made in the building for a Remedial Teacher as well as for a Volunteer Organisation, CHILDS ~ Children in Legal Disputes. Mediation Services and Training were offered to those who could not afford these services. The Practice recently moved from Roodepoort to Cape Town. Anne-Marie still works in collaboration with two colleagues in Roodepoort and Pretoria.


Anne-Marie has been active in the organised profession for many years and served on many committees and subcommittees.  She has also been a guest lecturer at various universities and attended many overseas conferences where she was an invited speaker.


Anne-Marie took the plight of children in South Africa to the United Nations where she served on a Working Committee "Modern Slavery".  She was the first South African to speak in this Committee in 15 years.


Anne-Marie developed a passion for children in situations where they are victims of circumstances they could not control and have no part in.  One of these situations she identified as children from separation and divorce and the many children who grow up as fatherless children.  She started groups at schools who were open to this idea and also volunteered at the Office of the Family Advocate.


You are welcome to download her CV below if you would like to know more about her activities.

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